Five most popular posts on the Excel blog in 2011

It’s still January. There’s still time to share the most popular posts on the Excel blog in 2011.  Thanks for reading them!

  1. Can’t remember all those Excel keyboard shortcuts? Now you don’t have to!
    There are a lot of keyword shortcuts in Excel. You can scroll through a long list of them on, or you can download Quick Reference Cards from our blog and pin them to your corkboard. There are cards for Keyboard shortcuts with the Ctrl keys, Keyboard shortcuts with Function keys, and Miscellaneous shortcuts.
  2. Staying on budget might be easier than you think
    The end of January marks the beginning of procrastination for preparing your taxes. This Excel budget template could help.
  3. A capital idea: Changing case in Excel (video)
    Unlike Word, Excel doesn’t have a Change Case button for magically switching between uppercase, lowercase, and proper case. But you can use functions to covert text from one case to another, or even a macro. Watch these videos by MVP Bill Jelen to learn about the different techniques.
  4. Excel table or PivotTable?
    In Excel there are tables and then there are PivotTables. This post explains what each does and when to use one or the other.
  5. How to do percentages in Excel
    In sorting through the search terms people use to find information, we always find lots of variations on the word “percentages.” This post walks you through how to calculate percentages in Excel. (And, it points you to videos that offer quick refreshers on the underlying math.)

Post With the Most Comments

When we looked back to see which post received the most comments, it not all that surprising.  It was the one when we got to hear from all of you:

Your call: What would you like us to post about on the Excel blog?

As we start this new year (ok, it started four weeks ago), we want to hear what you’d like us to write.  So leave a comment, and we’ll do our best to write a post to answer it.