Excel mashup tutorial

One of our Excel MVPs—Jan Karel Pieterse—emailed us earlier this week suggesting we take a look at the online tutorial he created about Excel Mashups. We did, and now we want to share it with you. 

In case you missed it, we recently blogged about ExcelMashup.com, a new site for developers which includes demo apps and code snippets for building Excel “mashups.”  If you don’t know exactly what a mashup is, you’re not alone—it’s just a web page that takes data from existing sources and combines it into something new. For example, a web guide to restaurants that consists of search results, Bing maps, and customer reviews.

You create an Excel mashup by uploading a workbook to SkyDrive and then embedding it on a web page. Then, you use JavaScript to programmatically interact with that workbook.

Jan Karel’s tutorial:

  • Shows you how to embed a workbook on a web page.
  • Provides JavaScript code snippets.
  • Walks you through creating a web control.
  • Provides a demo that pulls it all together.

And, you can read his instructions in Dutch or English! Have fun!