Introducing a Brand New Yammer App for Windows Phone

As a longtime partner with Microsoft, we were very excited about last week’s rollout of the Mango update for its Windows Phone operating system (OS) that delivers 500 additional features to Windows Phone users.  We continue to fully integrate our offerings with a brand new Yammer app for Windows Phone that is compatible with Mango, now officially called Windows Phone 7.5.

Whether you’re between meetings, attending conferences, or just grabbing coffee around the corner, the Yammer app for Windows Phone offers on-the-go-access to real-time conversations happening inside your company.  View messages, post updates, and receive important notifications no matter where you are, because the conversation doesn’t end when you leave the office.

Key features include:

  • Multi Feed Access – Navigate between group feeds to find relevant conversations.
  • Full Conversation Threads – View a full thread on a single screen to easily follow one conversation at a time.
  • Message Actions – Reply to and Like messages to get involved in the conversation.
  • Private Messaging – Create a private dialog by sending messages directly to colleagues.
  • Live Tile Notifications – Track unread messages from the Yammer tiles on your home screen when the application is out of view.  Set up multiple Yammer tiles for streamlined access to different group feeds.

Members Directory – Find and connect with colleagues in other departments.

Now you can stay connected to your company social network anytime, anywhere with ease.  Visit the Windows Phone Apps Marketplace to download the FREE Yammer app today!