Track the Rugby World Cup in Excel

This post is brought to you by Diego Oppenheimer, a Program Manager on the Excel team.

It’s finally here! The Rugby World Cup 2011 starts tonight. If you want to keep track of scores and simulate possible outcomes, you can download a free Excel template to use for that purpose.

If you want to be able to access this template no matter where you are, you can upload it to Windows Live SkyDrive and then open it in a browser. Here’s how to do that:

1. Download the template to your computer.

2. Go here, and then sign in with your Windows Live ID. If you don’t have an account, just click the Sign up button:


3. One you have logged in, click the SkyDrive tab on the top right:


4. Click Add files. Choose a destination SkyDrive folder, and then browse to and upload the template you just downloaded.


5. Once the file is uploaded, click it to open it in a browser.


You can now keep track of scores no matter where you are, whether partying in Auckland or on your couch in Seattle.

Using the template

Select Favorite Team

Enter your favorite teams name so that the conditional formatting highlights your teams games.



Entering Scores

The rugby world cup has some particularities about extra points. When entering scores, if you want points to be calculated correctly, you will need to enter both the final score as well as the number of tries scored by each team.

Point system in the 2011 Rugby World Cup:

  • Win – 4pts
  • Draw – 2pts
  • Lose – 0 pts
  • Lose by less than 7 points – 1 point
  • Score > 3 tries – 1 point



Keeping track of all those scores

By switching over to the Group Standings sheet, we can now see that all our teams points have been automatically updated as we have entered final scores.


Once all the scores have been filled out, we can switch over to the Knockout stage. This sheet automatically determines, based on scores and total points (resolving tie breaker situations), who qualifies for the next stage.

From the Knockout stage, we can now fill in the scores and watch as one team climbs the ladder to victory.


 …and that’s all. A simple template to keep track or simulate your 2011 Rugby World Cup! Hope you enjoy.

–Diego Oppenheimer