Format a resume … with a Word template

If you’ve pulled out your resume recently, you know that formatting a resume in Word can be, well, tricky. Manual formatting problems could be a signal that it’s time to give your resume a rehaul; I recommend starting fresh with a free Word resume template.

Bold headings, paragraph indentations, italization for emphasis, and bulleted lists are a few formatting options that you might be struggling with as you revise your resume. According to resume expert Karen Hofferber, you should update your resume at least once a year, but I don’t need to tell you that manual formatting can turn that annual chore into a spectacular headache, especially if you’re reformatting the resume you originally created in Microsoft Word 2000.

You can find literally dozens of free resume templates on, from resumes designed for a specific job industry such as nursing to resumes that highlight relevant experience for making a career change.

A pre-formatted resume template does all of the heavy lifting for you. Simply choose a template, download it to your computer, and replace the sample information with your own professional experience. You’ll still need to make those annual updates, but a well-formatted, well-designed template saves you time and energy that most of us would prefer to spend doing almost anything besides fiddling with our resume.

Developing and updating a resume that reflects your unique experiences is an art form. For more information about creating resumes, check out this terrific resume series by guest blogger and resume professional, Karen Hofferber, for The Office Blogs.

Leslie Cole