Where to begin: PowerPivot for Excel

By now, you’ve probably read about PowerPivot in one of our many posts about it (such as Introducing PowerPivot, Using PowerPivot with Excel 2010, or Supercharge your budget sheets with PowerPivot for Excel 2010), and you totally get the picture of how powerful this feature is. Its ability to process massive amounts of data from various data sources so that you can analyze it right in Excel 2010 is truly promising!

But how do you get started with PowerPivot?

There are some great resources that you may not be aware of. Some of these resources can be accessed directly from Excel Help. After installing PowerPivot, you’ll also find a complete set of Getting Started content by clicking the Help question mark in the PowerPivot window.

PowerPivot window in Excel with Help icon circled


Here’s a quick preview of content that will help you get started:

Try this link:


PowerPivot Add-In

Learn more about the PowerPivot add-in and how to download it for free.

Get started with PowerPivot

Familiarize yourself with the PowerPivot capabilities and the best ways to get started.

Create your first PowerPivot workbook

Get guidance on how to use PowerPivot in this comprehensive tutorial.

Add and maintain data in PowerPivot

Dive right into the data with a little help.


Analyze data in PowerPivot

Learn how to make sense of the gazillion rows of data that are now readily available for in-depth analysis.