Visualize this: Win an Xbox 360 with our PowerPivot quiz

What kind of PowerPivot nerd are you? A Numbers Ninja? A Data Mining Wizard? Find out by taking our Nerdtastic PowerPivot Quiz on Facebook. Besides learning if you’re the nerdiest PowerPivot user of them all, you’ll automatically be entered to win an Xbox 360 + Kinect just for participating.

So head over to the PowerPivot Facebook page, take the Nerdtastic Quiz, and reveal your inner nerd for a chance to win. 

Here’s a sneak peek at how PowerPivot can maximize your Nerdtastic potential:

  • Manipulate gazillions of rows at lightning-fast speed directly in Excel.
  • Build powerful analyses by leveraging existing Excel skills.
  • Retrieve data from virtually any source.

To find out more about PowerPivot’s Excel-enhancing abilities, check out some demo videos on the PowerPivot website, or skip ahead and download the add-in for free. But don’t forget to start by taking the Nerdtastic Quiz!

Nerdtastic PowerPivot quiz logo

–Amy Miller