Out of the office? Reply to messages with Outlook

Find more "sign" images on Office.com/imagesMatt Shelton contributed today’s post about how to use Out of Office and Automatic Replies to send email responses when you’re away from the office. Matt, a senior writer, focuses on creating Office content for teachers and students.

If you can’t reply to e-mails during the work day (or if you’re away from your computer), you know how emails can pile up. And it can be frustrating when you email someone with a question and you get no response. For days. Only to find out later that they were on vacation.

Enter the Out of Office Assistant and Automatic Replies. You can send an automatic email response to anyone who emails you during the time you’re away from your desk. If you’re on vacation, in an extra-long meeting, or just taking a lunch break, use Out of Office to tell the sender where you are, when you’ll be back, and who to contact in your absence.

What’s your best Out of Office story?

Matt Shelton