IF and only IF (video)

This post is all about IF–not the poem by Rudyard Kipling, or the 1971 hit song by Bread, but the function. The IF function is used in many Office programs, but most of us know it from Microsoft Excel:

IF(logical_test, [value_if_true], [value_if_false])

IF is one of the most searched-for words on Office.com, so we thought we’d compile some of our resources on IF so you can find them more easily.

If you’re just looking for basic information about the function, such as syntax, description of the arguments, and some examples, check out the IF Function reference topic. If you prefer to watch a video, take a look at Video: Introduction to the IF function in Excel 2010:

We’ve even assembled a new training course on the Excel IF function, complete with a quick reference card that you can print out and keep handy.

IF in other programs

Microsoft Access and Microsoft Project use a variant of IF, known as IIF, to perform conditional logic. For the basics, here’s the reference topic on the Access IIF function. In the Access Macro Builder, IF logic can be built by using the If..Then…Else Macro Block. In Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), you would use the If…Then…Else Statement.

The same basic syntax appears in other Office programs, so now that you’ve studied up on these materials, you should be good to go. Is there more you’d like to know about IF? Do you have any favorite examples of usage in your own work? Let us know.

–Chris Downs