America’s debt: Get the facts!

The United States has a massive debt problem. Politicians have talked about why the country is in this position and what could be done about it. Tyler Chessman, the author of the book Understanding the United States Debt, used data to get to the bottom of the issue.  As a data expert, not an economist, Tyler analyzed data sets from several government sources by using PowerPivot for Excel 2010 to determine where the problems lie. 

In this interview, Bruno Aziza, Director for Microsoft Business Intelligence and BI TV host, asks Tyler to detail his 7 step plan to help the country become debt free. Tyler and Bruno also discuss:

  • The changing patterns of U.S. debt from 1790 to today.
  • The effects that wars, financial depressions, and social programs have on the U.S. debt.
  • Lessons learned from other countries that the U.S. can learn from.

Could one of the world’s superpowers’ problems be solved using free data, Excel 2010, and PowerPivot?

  • Download Tyler’s analysis and spreadsheet here and be the judge!
  • PowerPivot is a free add-in to Microsoft Excel 2010 that allows you to connect to any type of data source to create compelling, interactive analysis tools.
  • PowerPivot is a tool made for everyone who wants to supercharge their spreadsheets with live data! PowerPivot also was recently awarded one of eWeek’s top 2010 products of the year.

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–Diego Oppenheimer