Include your signature in email or documents

Outlook signatureYour correspondence is electronic now, but a signature personalizes even electronic email and documents. Many of you are asking about how to include signatures in Outlook email and in Word documents. You can find instructions for creating signatures at, but for easy reference, we’ve rounded up the top resources for learning how to get the job done.

Outlook Signatures

Outlook email signatures can be as simple as a single line with your printed name that appears at the bottom of every email message you send, or an image of your handwritten signature, a graphic, or a business card with all of your contact information.

Word Signatures

    Word signature line

    You can add a signature to Word 2010 documents as well as to Outlook email messages. Learn how in the article Add a signature line, which has steps for creating a blank line to use for signatures, and instructions for inserting an image of your own handwritten signature in a document.

Did we miss something? What questions do you have about creating signatures?

Leslie H. Cole

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