Field codes: Not just for geeks

Wheat field in code bracketsField codes provide a way for you to insert data, or even ask for information, in your document. A field code can be as simple as a title or a date, or it can be complex–field codes within field codes that request and manage information in your document.

We used to think of them as an acquired taste reserved for those especially tech-savvy users.

But field codes are behind a lot of things in your document–for example, your table of contents. And they can be used for many more, such as that filename and path in your header, or page x of y pages in the footer, or anytime you want to add information (such as a title) and update all instances automatically when you make a change.

And they seem to be popping up in conversation–or in this blog–more and more.

Now, the field code reference for Word 2010 is online. So is the field code reference for Word 2007.

Click the link you want to find a directory page that links to Help for each field code.

Note that you find it easy to search for the topics on individual field codes, because we hide them from search so that people who don’t want to use field codes don’t find those topics and feel disappointed because they actually wanted different instructions, something less behind-the-scenes, something without switches.

But those switches can be pretty cool.

And for more technical stuff, check out Math AutoCorrect–which is featured on the Office in Education blog.

— Joannie Stangeland