Extending Excel® to Build Models for You



Today’s author is Richard Petti President and Co-founder of Modelsheet. For more info http://www.modelsheetsoft.com.

Microsoft has enhanced Excel® in many ways to help build spreadsheets easily and reliably. Every one of us has made spreadsheets for a wide range of applications ranging from sales forecasting, to a scorecards for fantasy football. In order to build our model, we first conceptualize what we need, familiarize ourselves with the necessary algorithms and methods, and then build it in Microsoft Excel®. During this process, we have to be careful not to insert errors or disturb the model’s integrity as we define layouts and write formulas. When projects get large or complex, building spreadsheet applications can be challenging and time consuming.

ModelSheet’s Spreadsheet Customizer builds Excel® models to your specifications. Simply choose a customizable solution, and answer questions like “What is the time range and time grain of your model?”; “What are your products and product families?”; “Do you want to include some major feature?” (for example, include recruiting expense in a model of employment). At the end, you download an Excel® workbook that meets all the specifications you entered. That’s it – there is nothing to learn, no cell formulas to write, and your output report has all the advantages of Excel®. The service shifts the emphasis from building models to drawing insights from them.

The process is 100% automated, so the cost is extremely low for customized spreadsheet solution. Customized spreadsheets are also more reliable, because manual operations are replaced by automated operations. This technology slashes time, cost and bugs.

This service is made possible by “ModelSheet Authoring”, a product we developed to author our customizable spreadsheet solutions. It retains the flavor and syntax of Excel® as much as possible, while gently adding more model structures – like named variables, readable symbolic formulas, time series, and dimensions (e.g. a list of products).

You can read more about customizable spreadsheets at http://templates.modelsheetsoft.com. We aim to take Excel® “where no spreadsheet has gone before.”