New Themes!

Our friends over on the Microsoft Office 2010 Engineering blog recently announced some great new features in the Excel, Word, and PowerPoint Web Apps. Among the new goodies are some brand new themes that you’ll find in the Select Theme dialog when you create a new presentation on SkyDrive. We’ve also re-organized the gallery in a way that we believe will better suit your needs:


On and off the Web

For those of you using PowerPoint 2010 installed on your computer, we bring the latest and greatest content right to your front door through the themes gallery on the Design tab:


Just click the “Enable Content Updates from…” button (if it’s grayed out, that means you’re already receiving updates, or your enterprise has disabled updates):


Once you’ve enabled updates, you’ll see a set of themes at the bottom of the gallery that stays up to date as we add new ones (you may need to scroll down to see them):


Included in this update is the first in a set of new designer themes that we’re really excited to begin rolling out. It’s called “Summer,” and it’s perfect for capturing the essence of your warm weather excursions over the past few months:

image image
image image   

For those of you living in the southern hemisphere, it’s time to start thinking light thoughts as your summer season draws near 🙂

Enjoy the new looks!

-Christopher Maloney
Program Manager, PowerPoint

Update (9/9/2010): Some of our readers discovered that the “Enable content updates…” button is disabled, which is likely the result of enabling Office-wide updates when you first run an Office program (there was a big green shield next to the option).  Scroll to the bottom of the gallery to find the new themes.  And let us know if you still don’t see them!  We’ve updated the text above to help reduce confusion.