Download the standalone trial version for OneNote 2010

Most of the “Download a trial” links on our blogs and on the site will take you to a page where you can download trial versions of the full Microsoft Office 2010 editions.

While all of these suites contain Microsoft OneNote 2010 and let you selectively include or exclude specific applications from the installation, you may prefer to evaluate OneNote 2010 as a standalone program — in English or in another language. After the trial period expires, you can still use the OneNote standalone trial version as a free notebook viewer.

Download the OneNote 2010 standalone trial version

To download the OneNote 2010 trial version for U.S. English, follow the steps below. (If you prefer another language, skip to the second procedure in this blog post, titled “Download standalone trial versions for other Office 2010 programs.”)

  1. Browse to

    When the page loads, look for the Try it free link immediately below the green Buy Now button.

  2. Click the Try it free link and then log in with your Hotmail or Windows Live account when prompted. (If you don’t already have an account, you can sign up for free.)
  3. Follow any remaining screen prompts that may appear, and then proceed to the Download page.
  4. On the Download page, look for your Microsoft OneNote 2010 Product Key.

    The Product Key is specifically assigned to your account. You must enter the exact code that is displayed on your Download page to activate your trial license. (The code shown in the screenshot above is a fictional example.)

    Before you leave this page, copy and paste the Product Key code somewhere where you can easily refer to it again later.

  5. When ready, click the green Download Now button. When the file has fully finished downloading, double-click the file to begin installation.


Download standalone trial versions for other Office 2010 programs

If you want to download standalone trial versions for some of the other Office 2010 products, or you want to download standalone trial versions for any Office 2010 program in another language, you can do so from another page on our site.

Follow these steps:

  1. Browse to

    To download a trial version in another language, click the Country and Language drop-down menus near the top right corner of the page and then select new choices.

  2. Next, scroll down to the box titled “Microsoft Applications” and click the View all products link.

  3. When the section has been expanded, click the Try Now link next to the Office OneNote 2010 icon (or any other program you want).

    Note   Not all Office 2010 programs are available as a standalone trial version. To test-drive these programs, go to and download them as part of an Office 2010 suite.

Tip   For more information about the Office 2010 trial versions, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.
As always, your feedback and comments are welcome!

— Michael C. Oldenburg