[Deadline Extended] Excel 2010 Developer Challenge – Soccer Edition

We had some issues with our entry submission e-mail so we are extending the challenge end date to July 5th, 2010:
o   If you already submitted your entry but have not received a confirmation e-mail, please re-submit your entry to emanb (at) microsoft (dot)_com before July 5th, 2010.
o   If you are new to this challenge, this is a unique opportunity for you to join. If you’re into developing Excel-based applications, then participate in the Excel 2010 Developer Challenge- Soccer Edition!   We’re looking for Excel 2010 solutions that will help millions of soccer fans around the world enjoy the 2010 World Cup. Any application qualifies so long as it includes VBA code and prominently uses at least one of the new Excel 2010 features.  Winners will receive some great prizes.
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