Sending screenshots

Last week, as I was shopping on the Internet, I saw a shirt that I thought would be really great for my Dad’s birthday. Before ordering the shirt, I ran it by my Mom, just in case she had any other recommendations. So how did I get my Mom’s feedback? Usually, I just send her a link to the Web site and ask her to take a look. Recently, instead of sending her a link, I have been using the new Screenshot feature in Outlook 2010.

When I’m writing my e-mail message to my Mom, I go to the Insert tab, click the Screenshot icon, and then click Screen Clipping.


I use my mouse pointer to select the shirt and the price,


which is then automatically added into my message.


I can also resize the picture, and then send it to my Mom.

By using the Screenshot feature, I have been saving my Mom from doing extra work because she doesn’t have to open a link to see the shirt that I was looking at on the Web site. I’ve also found this handy when I’m trying to explain to my Mom how to do something on the Internet. Instead of describing on the phone what I’m seeing, I can easily take step-by-step screenshots of the current Web site that I’m browsing and then send the screenshots to her using Outlook 2010.

If you have already used Screenshots in your messages, let us know how by leaving a comment!

Jenny Liu
Outlook Program Manager