Change charts, represent +/-, and count the Mondays between 2 dates

Bill Jelen has been running the MrExcel podcast for years now.  For those that haven’t heard of it, it’s a frequently updated video podcast that teaches you Excel, showing everything from the basics of the fill handle to advanced tips around charting, and everything in between … including some recent tricks with linked pictures.  Since there’s a lot of great information in his videos, we thought that a weekly (or so) wrap-up of his podcast would be a nice thing to add to the blog.  If you have ideas for more community showcasing & interaction please send me an email via the link at the top of the blog.

Here’s a recap of some recent MrExcel videos:


Episode 1181: Learn how to create a dropdown that allows you to change the chart displayed on your worksheet, without code!


Episode 1182: Bill Jelen and Mike Gel Girvin show you how to visually present statistical values (+/-) in a cell.


Episode 1185: Mike and Bill get together again and tackle counting the number of Mondays between two dates.

Bill and Mike had great ways of solving the problems, would you do it a different way? Check out these and many more Excel videos at