Customizing your conversations experience (plus video)!

Conversations in Microsoft Outlook 2010 are an effective way to manage your e-mail messages. We hope you enjoyed the videos that we shared with you. If you are a power user of Outlook, you might want to tweak some settings to make Conversations work even better for you.

There are four options available to customize conversations:
· Show Messages from Other Folders
· Show Senders above the Subject
· Always Expand Conversations
· Use Classic Indented View.

To see these features, on the View tab, in the Arrangement group, click Conversations.

Conversations View

Show Messages from Other Folders

By default, Show Messages from Other Folders is turned on. Let’s imagine that you are viewing a conversation in your Inbox. You want to see the reply you last sent, which is in your Sent Items folder. Because Show Messages from Other Folders is turned on, sent messages appear in the conversation you are viewing in the Inbox. To see the sent message, click the conversation, and then fully expand it to show messages from the other folders.


Your message and the name of the folder— Sent Items — appears. You can open the message, or act on the message directly, such as applying a category or flag, without navigating to the Sent Items folder, and then opening the message.

Show Senders above the Subject

Do you like focusing on the people who send you messages more than the subject of the mail they sent? By selecting the Show Senders above the Subject option, the senders and subjects are switched. This makes it easier to locate messages based on sender instead of the subject.


Always Expand Conversations

When you first select a conversation, the latest messages in the conversation are shown in the List View so you can quickly get up to speed. However, to see all the messages in a conversation simultaneously, you can use the Always Expand Conversations options. All individual messages appear instead of the latest message in a conversation thread.


Use Classic Indented View

If you used previous versions of Outlook, this option is familiar to you. Click Classic Indented View and then your replies are indented under the messages you replied to. If you used conversations in previous versions, this option is automatically turned on when you upgrade to Outlook 2010.


We hope you enjoy using Conversation view and tailoring it to your needs!

Derek Brown, Outlook Software Design Engineer in Test
Jenny Liu, Outlook Program Manager
Josh Meisels, Outlook Program Manager