Most popular time savers, starting with two from Excel

We get thousands of comments about the articles and videos we publish on Those comments clue us in to the best time savers and the worst time wasters among all that material. We’ll post links to the most popular time savers, along with paraphrased customer commentary about each one (unless that gets a little sickening).

Let’s start with two top time savers for Excel: How to remove duplicate rows, and how to convert from rows to columns or from columns to rows.

Remove duplicate rows (Caffeine is a wonderful thing. Positive comments on this pair include way more exclamation marks than we’re accustomed to, as in “THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!”):

·     Add or remove table rows and columns in an Excel table (Excel 2007)

·     Delete duplicate rows from a list in Excel (Excel 2003)

Convert columns to rows and vice versa (known to save “an amazingly ridiculous” amount of time):

·     Rearrange (transpose) data from columns to rows or vice versa (Excel 2007)

·     Convert columns to rows, or rows to columns (Excel 2003)

Do you have any favorite time savers for Office? They don’t have to be from If they helped you, we’d like to share them. 

Note: This popular post originally appeared on our former blog: Inside Office Online.   

— Holly Thomas

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