Report statistics about a Set of Workbooks

Today’s contributor is Sarah Hothersall, Liaison Director at Lyquidity. She’s providing information about the Workbook Statistics add-in, a free tool for Excel users that was created by Sandy Marshall, a Product Manager at Lyquidity, who is in charge of development of ComplyXL for enterprise spreadsheet management. To download this add-in, visit

Sometimes it is helpful to report statistics about a set of workbooks contained in a folder. You can use this add-in to create such a report. The report it provides includes the following statistics:

  • A count of the number, text, logical and error constant (manually entered) cells in each sheet
  • A count of the number, text, logical and error formulas in each sheet
  • The number of names defined on each sheet and at the workbook level
  • The number of external references

The report can be extended to display any statistic available within a workbook.

The report also displays a dependency diagram that is generated by the add-in to document all worksheet relationships it discovers and to highlight links to workbooks in other folders.