Easily manage defined names in Microsoft Excel

Today’s author is Jan Karel Pieterse, an Excel MVP. You can find more useful tips from Jan Karel on his website: http://www.jkp-ads.com/. This post informs you about Name Manager, a free utility that helps you manage defined names in your workbooks.

If you need a free utility to manage defined names in your workbooks, this one is a must-have. List all names in your active workbook. Filter them using 13 filters including “With external references,” “With errors,” “Hidden,” and “Visible.” Show only names that contain a substring. Show only names unused in worksheet cells. Edit them in a simple dialog box or edit them in a list and update all names at once. Supports the 2007 Office system.

To download Name Manager, visit www.jkp-ads.com/officemarketplacenm-en.asp.

For information about how to define names, see Define and use names in formulas.