Are you an Office Developer? You’ll Want to Read This:

Today at the SharePoint conference the Office Developer Marketing Team announced the Office 2010 Application Compatibility Program. Details were posted today at Gray Knowlton’s blog.  Here’s an excerpt from his post:

With the great value Office 2010 brings for end users, IT Professionals and Developers, we are also investing heavily in making deployment of the new version of Office easier. As part of our focus on deployment, we have renewed priority on helping ensure applications and Add-ins for existing installations of Office continue to work without hangs, crashed or performance degradation when interfacing with Office 2010.

IT departments charged with upgrading Office take special care to find the add-ins, macros and other 3d party applications users have installed to ensure they will not cause problems after the upgrade is complete. Developers (professional and non-professional dealing with macros and scripts in Office applications), on the other hand, spend time testing and migrating their code to work seamlessly in Office 2010. And then, there is a task of migrating Pre Office 2007 binary documents to the latest Open XML format based files.

Today we are announcing the Office 2010 Compatibility Program to help address these areas. The compatibility program will provide tools for environment assessment, code scanning and remediation assistance, and an update to the document conversion tools introduced with Office 2007. The tools, guidance and services we are delivering will be the most comprehensive we have provided to date for a new release of Office.

The post goes on to describe how to get involved with a beta of the tools.  Check it out.