More updates from SPC

Steve Tullis & Pej Javaheri presented “Intro to Excel and Excel Services 2010” to a standing room only crowd at SharePoint Conference 2010. Features demo’d include:

  • Excel:
    • Pivot Chart improvements
    • Filter Search
    • Named sets
    • Improvements to conditional formatting
    • Slicers
    • Sparklines
  • Excel Services:
    • Client fidelity improvements & support of new Excel 2010 features
    • (View) Support of workbooks containing images, VBA, etc.
    • Edit & Collaboration in the Enterprise (SharePoint) and in the Cloud (SkyDrive)
    • Leveraging JSOM to create highly interactive dashboards
    • Interactivity, What-if, and modeling inside the Excel Web Access web part
    • Embedding Excel-based content in Office Client applications using REST

Using the Q&A session  – which continued for ~ 15 minutes outside the room during the next presentation – as an indicator, people immediately saw the potential for how their business could be impacted by these products,  and are excited about getting their hands on the beta to try it out.