SPC Day 1: Keynote

More dispatches from Charlie Ellis at SPC.  Note, he mentions some new features we haven’t yet talked about on the blog (spoilers!) but will soon!

Three things really struck me during the keynote address:

  1. There’s just incredible momentum around SharePoint and a ton of excitement around SharePoint 2010 and all the great new social networking functionality, integration with the Office clients, the Web Apps, and – of course – the Business Intelligence in SharePoint. The atmosphere of the conference is very energized and excited.
  2. There was a ton of Excel in the SharePoint keynote: Excel Services as a huge selling point of SharePoint 2007, the Excel Web App and co-authoring in SharePoint 2010, the REST API allowing updateable BI content in SharePoint, and more.
  3. The REST API is fantastic and really connects with folks. There was spontaneous applause twice as Jared Spataro demoed using it to insert a chart in the blog post and have it update as you update the data in the Excel Web App.