SharePoint Conference Starts Today

The SharePoint Conference is on this week in Vegas.  What does that have to do with Excel, you ask?  Plenty!  The conference represents the first time we’ve shared with customers publicly all the great work we’ve put into the next release of SharePoint, which includes, of course, Excel Services and other investments in BI.  So there will be some exciting announcements and lots of information to absorb.  We’ll be covering all the Excel related stuff on this blog over the next month or so.

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Lastly, we of course have a few of our own Excel folks in Vegas showing off exciting stuff.  Charlie Ellis, a Program Manager lead on the Excel team, sent me this dispatch on his first day there (Sunday), which I’ll share with you here:

Subject: SPC Day 0 dispatch – funny moment at SPC

The first event of the conference provided the first funny moment for us. The event opened with a welcome reception in the events hall. All the 100+ exhibitors were showing their stuff off and taking guests through demos and giveaways at the booths that have been set up in a big exhibition area. The MS exhibit features a couple different booths, including a BI booth with a racing game (with near-real-time BI!) that I’ll be presenting at later in the week. The hitch: everything we (MSFT) want to show about SharePoint and some of the Gemini stuff is still under NDA until tomorrow. So as a result, we had a bunch of people standing around a booth where we couldn’t yet show any demos and where we weren’t even allowed to put up signs in some cases. The wraps will come off a bunch of stuff tomorrow, and we’ll be up and running in earnest at the SPC, but tonight it was a bit of a comic picture at our booth with us chatting with the few slightly confused customers who came up to our, largely not-yet-turned-on booth.

I hope to have more Excel dispatches from SPC to share with you this week.