Submit your Power Tips

The Power Tips feature of the Excel Team Blog has started with useful articles from MVPs Ron de Bruin and Jan Karel Pieterse. Thank you both! For everyone else who is interested in contributing to this blog, here’s a quick reminder how the feature works.

What’s a Power Tip?

A Power Tip can be a code sample, or some other Excel trick that you have learned along the way, and that you think might be useful to others. They can be old favorites or new discoveries.

Who can submit Power Tips?


Can I see some examples?

Sure, click this link (or just click Power Tips over on the right).

Who collects and posts the tips?

Mark Roberts and Frederique Klitgaard, Excel writers for MSDN and Office Online, respectively.

How do I submit a tip?

Just send it to us at We’ll help you flesh out the idea if you want. If it seems to fit the Power Tip criteria, we’ll post it and give you whatever attribution you prefer. If not, we’ll help you find the best forum for it. Video demos are welcome and encouraged.

Hope to hear from you soon!


Mark & Frederique