Updated! Viewing spreadsheets in the Excel Web App

We haven’t really gotten into the details of the Excel Web App yet here on this blog, but the Office Web Apps blog is already talking about topics that apply to the web apps as a whole.  A new post went up yesterday that discusses how the web apps are convenient for simple document viewing.  Here’s a quote:

Once Office Web Apps got deployed to a SharePoint site I use all the time, I quickly became accustomed to navigating Office files as breezily as I surf the Web. I can read the things I need to, without all those read-only things getting in the way of what I’m working on in my desktop apps. A teammate can send me a link to a spec as easily as he sends me a link to information about the 40th Anniversary of Apollo 11 on NASA’s website – and following the link is just as quick and easy for me.

The entire post is here.  Note that I plan on having a series of posts on the Excel Web App in the near future.


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