Sneak Preview of Project Gemini

On the topic of “teasers”, one of the things we’ll be talking about in the coming weeks is project Gemini.  I won’t get into the details just yet (otherwise it wouldn’t be a teaser), other than to say it’s a powerful data analysis feature, it’s an add-in to Excel (i.e. not a built-in Excel feature), and it’s the result of collaboration between the Excel and SQL teams.  The BI Blog has been covering all news related to Gemini.  From the BI Blog, here are a couple sneak peak videos:

BI Power Hour: Sneak Preview of Gemini – part 1
Get a sneak preview of the new functionality for BI within Excel with Project Gemini. This demo shows how you can quickly analyze massive amounts of data, create connections to data, and share insights all within the familiar Excel environment.

BI Power Hour: Sneak Preview of Gemini – part 2

Gemini was also covered in the Day Two Keynote at the Worldwide Partner Conference.  You can see it in the video below if you fast forward to 1:12:45.

More details to come!