Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Preview Released

You’ve most likely heard the news by now.  At the Worldwide Partner Conference in New Orleans, Microsoft announced that the next version of Office reached its Technical Preview engineering milestone.  You can read the highlights in this press release (and I’ll include some more links below).  I’m guessing the first question on people’s minds is “how do I get a copy?”.  Currently the Technical Preview program is “by invitation only” and is not broadly available to the public.  There is a waitlist you can sign up for, found here.

If you can’t get your hands on a copy, all is not lost.  The other exciting bit of news that goes along with the Technical Preview release is the Excel team is now able to start blogging about the exciting work we’ve done in this release, so you’ll be able to learn all about Excel 2010 here.  Consider this post the official transition of this blog into “2010 mode” (though we’ll still be posting Power Tips in the meantime as well).  I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time.  We have a lot of ground to cover.  I hope the next few months are as exciting for you as they will be for me.

By the way, we won’t just be talking about the Excel client that you know and love.  We’ll also be blogging about the Excel Web Application, part of the Office Web Applications that were discussed in the announcements today.  To quote the press release I mentioned earlier:

Office Web applications will be available in three ways: through Windows Live, where more than 400 million consumers will have access to Office Web applications at no cost; on-premises for all Office volume licensing customers including more than 90 million Office annuity customers; and via Microsoft Online Services, where customers will be able to purchase a subscription as part of a hosted offering.

There’s already a bit of “teaser” information on Excel you should check out if you haven’t already.  They show off just some of the many things we’ve done this release.  I like videos so I’ll share some of those.

Here’s a video from the official Microsoft Office 2010 site on Excel 2010.

Robert Scoble does a video interview on Excel 2010.

He also does a video of the Office Web Applications, of which Excel plays a part.

Other links to check out:

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Stay tuned for more exciting Excel 2010 info!