Update to Microsoft’s BI Strategy and Vision

Many of you might have heard or seen posts about a recent change to the Microsoft BI Vision & Strategy, namely, PerformancePoint will no longer be sold as a separate SKU but rather be part of the SharePoint Server enterprise offering, and the specific planning components will receive one more update this summer.  More information on this change can be found on Microsoft’s Business Intelligence site and the The BI Blog.  Just what does this change mean?  For the most part, it means that more customers and partners will have access to the Microsoft BI offerings through SharePoint, more parts of the organization will have access to, and the ability to manage, analyze and understand the key drivers of their business, and more users will be empowered to make the right decisions. 

For Excel, this means that those financial models you rely on, reports and other tidbits locked in your workbooks can become part of your dashboard and balanced scorecards.  You can already post these to Excel Services for management and distribution of your workbooks.  With PerformancePoint, they can now be easily rolled into your scorecards as well. 

“But I already have Scorecards in Excel…”
PerformancePoint allows you to create context-based web dashboards that can change based on the user’s selection, and provide additional commentary via a browser.  You can easily include your existing workbooks within the PerformancePoint Dashboard, thus leveraging your analysis to explain a recent trend, promote further analysis, or justify a decision. Having everyone on the same page just got easier.