New Online Training Courses for Excel Services

We just recently released some online training courses for Excel Services and I wanted to call your attention to them.

Excel Services I: The Basics – An overview of the value proposition of Excel Services as well as the basics for publishing and sharing workbooks using Excel Services.

Excel Services II: Requirements, Recommendations, and Permissions – Delves deeper into the proper configuration settings you need to be aware of to get up and running smoothly.

Excel Services III: Control What People See – Starts to go beyond the basics and into an explanation of how to specify exactly which parts of a workbook should/shouldn’t be rendered by Excel Services.

Excel Services IV: Allow User Input – Discusses how to specify cells as parameters that can be changed when viewed via Excel Services.

If you’re new to Excel Services and are looking to understand what the product can do for you, these four training courses are a good introduction. Note that these courses don’t cover the breadth of functionality in Excel Services, so I recommend supplementing this material with additional books, blogs, etc. on Excel Services if you are interested in learning more.