Video Tip: Conditional Formatting and Data Validation

Today’s author: Sam Radakovitz, a Program Manager on the Excel team that enjoys creating VBA applications in Excel.

A bit ago, Joseph had a blog post about community clips on, so for this post, I wanted to take advantage of the video demonstration and do the post via community clips. The topic is an Excel tip about using conditional formatting and data validation to turn on and off the formatting on the sheet without needing VBA code.  The video can be found here and is also embedded below.

The workbook I used is attached to this blog post if you want to play around with it, and since you can’t really see the formulas I used in the video, I’ll post them here and add them to the comments of the video:

Data Validation formula:


Conditional Formatting formula:


This was my first attempt at a video and I had some video problems around the screen capture failing on me and the microphone volume. I’ll work to fix those issues if I do this again. I’m curious to hear from folks if they like the video post, or would prefer to keep things in text, or a mix of both. Thanks!