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Home Movies with OneNote

Hi folks – I’m back after a couple of weeks off with my new daughter Claire. During my time off, I had a chance to do something that I’ve been meaning to get started on for a while and that is record some OneNote videos. Last Sunday, while Claire’s grandparents were busy cooing with Claire and my wife was napping, I snuck into my home office, shut the door and sat down with a cheap-o computer mic and some screen capture software to record some short demo videos.

I’ve uploaded these videos to a few places, including:

OneNote 2007 Toolkit for Teachers video

Most of these videos cover OneNote 2007 features, but one of them is targeted specifically for the OneNote 2007 Toolkit for Teachers notebook. This video is about 8 minutes long and walks through each section of the notebook briefly and explains its purpose. I encourage people to take a look and watch: VIDEO: OneNote2007 Toolkit for Teachers

I’ll be adding more even more education-specific videos in the future, as well as more basic OneNote feature videos. I encourage you to check out any or all of the videos and hopefully they will help you out with some aspects of OneNote that you’re curious about.

Here is the link to easily see the list of all 14 videos:

  • OneNote 2007 Teacher Toolkit
  • OneNote & Outlook integration – tasks, meetings, contacts and email
  • OneNote Search
  • Using Page Templates in OneNote
  • OneNote and Tags
  • Print to OneNote
  • Save OneNote as web page, PDF or Word document
  • OneNote audio recording and linked notes
  • OneNote Drawing Tools
  • Side Notes in OneNote
  • Creating a table of contents in OneNote
  • Tools Options settings in OneNote
  • Password protect files in OneNote
  • Backup with OneNote

A OneNote onesie

And as a final bonus, I wanted to share this photo with you. The OneNote Test team got Claire some great baby gifts, including a teddy bear and many cute baby clothes. But my favorite gift of all was a special custom OneNote “onesie” that the team presented me with last week. For those of you who know me, I like to regularly evangelize OneNote to the uninitiated. This little onesie for Claire was the perfect fit and even had some nice purple lettering, just like the OneNote theme color. Claire insisted on trying it on right away and you can see that she is definitely a chip off the old block in her enthusiasm for OneNote 🙂

OneNote Claire