Ten Tips for Using Excel Services

A new MSDN article about Excel Services was just released. If you do any kind of work with Excel Services, whether you are just getting started with it or trying to do something a bit more advanced, this article is a pretty good read because it covers some of the more common pitfalls that we hear from customers.  The following topics are discussed:

  • Making an Excel Workbook Compatible with Excel Services
  • Configuring External Data Connections
  • Configuring Excel Services to Work with Kerberos
  • Saving an Excel Workbook to a SharePoint Document Library Programmatically
  • Avoiding Exceptions in a UDF When Accessing the Caller’s Identity
  • Handling Dimension Issues for UDFs That Return Arrays
  • Calling 32-Bit Native DLLs from UDFs on 64-Bit Operating Systems
  • Quick Tips for Common Excel Services Issues

The article can be found here.