Unusual (but cool!) Uses of Excel

Many of you who have been using Excel for a long time have most likely seen some of the creative, interesting, and rather unusual uses of Excel that people have conjured up.  I’m talking about things like writing the Pac-Man game completely in Excel, stuff you wouldn’t expect to see in a critical business application like Excel, but thanks to the ingenuity of spreadsheet hackers we get to see how the power and flexibility of spreadsheets can be put to use.

I was reminded of this today when a colleague forwarded me this Slashdot article about someone who used Excel to create a 3D rendering engine (btw, this reminded me of a similar 3D animation engine written by a tester on our team that uses the new OfficeArt rendering platform in Excel 2007), and it got me wondering what other interesting uses have people come up with that I haven’t seen before.

I’ve seen a quite a few of these in my time here on the Excel team (we’ve even posted a couple of our own – check out Conway’s Game of Life and Memory), and I’m sure many of you have too.  So let’s hear it!  Tell me about the interesting, crazy, weird, unusual and cool spreadsheets you’ve come across or built that you never thought you’d see in Excel.

This could be interesting.  🙂