What Keyboard Shortcuts Do You Want To See In Excel?

About 18 months ago, I wrote a post on keyboard shortcuts:  http://blogs.msdn.com/excel/archive/2006/02/23/538311.aspx.  It was a well-read post that generated a lot of comments and a lot of follow-up email.  To this day, I get emails about this post, a number of which have been people asking for an XLS version of this PDF (http://isamrad.com/dgainer/1_02-23-2006.pdf), presumably so folks can layer their own stuff on top.  Accordingly, I thought it was time for a another post on the topic.  Here is a link to the XLS version of the “Excel Keyboard Shortcuts” PDF:  http://officeblogs.net/excel/Charlie_Keyboard_Shortcut_Book.xls.

While I am at it, though, I wanted to do two other things.  First, I wanted to evangelize two keyboard shortcuts that I only recently learned (re-learned, really) – specifically, ALT + =, which inserts an autosum, and second, CTRL + SHIFT + U, which resizes the Excel formula bar (Excel 2007 only).  Both help me keep my hands on the keyboard, which makes things more efficient.

Second, and more importantly, I wanted to folks’ ideas for new keyboard shortcuts.  What Excel action would you like to see a shortcut for?  For example, I think it would be great to have a shortcut that allowed users to clear filters from Autofilter or PivotTables.  Please add your ideas as comments to this post – that will help others see what you are suggesting, and potentially spark some new ideas.