Working With Excel’s XML-Based File Formats

Some readers have expressed interest in working with and better understanding SpreadsheetML, part of the Open XML Formats recently standardized by Ecma International (I received a string of about a dozen emails in the last week or two asking how to do this or that with SpreadsheetML). I wanted to highlight a good resource that covers that specific ground: The site has news content related to the Open XML Formats, a library of ‘how-to’ articles written up, and a forums section with various discussion topics & categories. Here’s a copy of their mission statement, to give you their view on why the site exists:

“The Open XML Formats Developer Group is being formed as a community for developers to exchange information with each other regarding the usage of the Ecma-developed Office Open XML file formats. The community will serve as a technical resource for Open XML developers to submit and answer technical questions and to share tools and ideas around Open XML Formats-based solutions. The Open XML Formats Developer Group is open to anyone free of charge to enable broad participation and development of solutions using the Open XML Formats on any platform. The Open XML Formats Developer Group will support the wide adoption of the specifications being created by Ecma Technical Committee 45.  More information is available at”

The site also points to the official Ecma specification as well.