Help us make Excel PivotTables faster …

A long time ago, I posted a request for calculation-intensive workbooks and received a lot of very valuable Excel workbooks in response – again, to those that helped out; it helped the Excel team optimize calculation performance around real-world usage.

Currently, the Excel team is thinking about PivotTable performance, and we are looking for examples of large Excel PivotTables to help with our work.  Given all the different features of PivotTables that can affect performance, we are always looking for good customer examples of PivotTables to help us optimize performance.  So, once again, we would like to appeal to folks to send in workbooks with calculation-intensive or long-running PivotTables that they would like us to use as part of our performance tuning work.

Specifically, we are looking for PivotTables that take some time to calculate (say anything over 3-5 seconds, with no upper bounds … someone recently sent me one that took many minutes).  We are interested in both refresh being slow as well as any other operations done on the PivotTable seeming slow. Of course, if the data that the PivotTable is based on is not present in Excel, we may need more than just the workbook (unless it is connected to an OLAP data source).  Anything goes with respect to features used in the PivotTable.

Anything submitted will be treated as 100% confidential and used only for PivotTable performance work.  Folks can either email the files to me (with any explanations necessary) using this email address:, or if email will not work, we can sort out other arrangements.  Once we have the workbooks, we baseline their performance in Excel on a set of test machines and determine which performance optimizations will give PivotTables the greatest benefit.

Thanks in advance to anyone that sends in workbooks. 

PS Since this post has a limited lifespan, I will probably remove it at some point in the future.