Just over a year ago, I started this blog with the goal of documenting the new features in Excel 2007 and Excel Services. My plan was to write this content until around the general availability of Office 2007. After 163 posts, ~1,900 comments, and ~1,800 emails, this goal has pretty much been met – while I am sure there are a few small items that have slipped by, I am pretty sure that myself or another team member has written about every large- or medium-sized feature or change in Excel 2007. Along the way, I have met a huge number of users in the Excel community (several of whom I have already visited here in Redmond or when out on the road), seen numerous examples of interesting spreadsheets, received a ton of feature requests, heard a lot of useful feedback, and received a lot of help with calculation performance tuning. I have also had a lot of fun – I was not sure how things were going to turn out when I started this exercise last year, but the whole thing has surpassed my hopes in pretty much every area. Thanks to everyone that read, commented, and sent me email, and thanks to everyone that helped out with files and product issues. I really do appreciate everyone’s help.

Given that the blog’s original mandate – thoroughly documenting Excel 2007 for the Excel community – has been met, I am going to slow down my activity for the time being. I still have a few more forward-looking topics suggested by readers I hope to get to, there are more whitepapers coming to talk about, the team will probably want to post some more articles, and I am going to try and figure out a way to involve the community in the next version of the product (to the extent I can come up with a feasible model for doing that). That said, starting today, I will not be churning out posts at the rate I have been, so I thought I would let everyone know – perhaps a few a month opposed to a few a week.  We will see. 

Again, a huge thanks to everyone that has read and participated so far … Dave.