Your Turn One More Time – Limits

When we started Excel 2007, we made a decision that as part of increasing the grid size, we were going to address a lot of important other “limits” in the product.  The entire list can be seen here, in the second post I ever made to this blog.  (Note, this is probably a good place to note that we had to back out the change to “The number of characters that can be stored and displayed in a cell formatted as Text” recently – we found a problem with the implementation that couldn’t be fixed at this late date, so we are going to address it next time.)

When we developed the list of limits to address, we approached the research a few different ways.  We tried to identify anything that would prevent users from using the “big grid” to its fullest.  We tried to address top customer requests, whether they came from our support team, the newsgroups, web searches, and the like.  We talked to our large enterprise customers and developers.  We went through old support records.  Etc.  Having done that, and made a lot of changes in Excel 2007, we have already started to identify candidates for the next version – for example, the number of discontinuous ranges that can be selected, the number of categories shown in the function dialog, etc.

What else would you like to see us work on in this area?  Are there any limits that you run into frequently that you think we should try and increase or eliminate in the next version of Excel?