Another Whitepaper – Developing UDFs for Excel 2007 and Excel Services

Danny Khen is back (Danny wrote a number of posts on programmability topics over the past year) with a white paper on developing UDFs for Excel client and server.

In a few past posts, we discussed investments in user-defined functions (UDFs) in Excel 2007, and we showed (here, here and here) how UDFs can be used in an Excel solution that runs on both Excel 2007 and the new Excel Services. I now gathered all this information and elaborated some more, resulting in an article and an extensive set of code samples that we intend to publish on MSDN (I don’t have the precise date yet). I’d like to share a draft of this document and the code samples with you today. It essentially contains information about all the major paths you may take when developing an Excel client/server solution with UDFs: utilizing existing UDF code; having a core native function library; and basing your solution on managed functions. I hope you find this useful. I will appreciate any feedback of course – here in comments or through the email link.

Here is a link to the whitepaper.  And here is a link to the samples.

Just like with the draft XLL article that we posted on September 19th, please note that this one too is a draft, and the content may change for the final publication on MSDN.