Your Turn – Drawing Tools

The team that builds the drawing tools in Office (sometimes referred to as OfficeArt) is interested in understanding all the different ways people are using the OfficeArt drawing tools, images, and audio/video with Excel.  While a lot of the usage is well-understood (on charts as callouts, as controls on the grid, as backgrouds in an application, as navigational items, etc.), we run into people doing all sorts of interesting things, so we thought it would be interesting to hear from blog readers on all the ways they use the drawing tools, images, etc.  We are also interested in how people are using VBA with drawing shapes.  For those of you that are game, please give us a brief description of what you’re doing, and let us know if it’s ok to contact you with follow-up questions sometime in the future.  Files are welcome too – you can send them to


One other thing that is also interesting is anything that you cannot do today that you would like to be able to do (i.e. extending support for formulas, more object model, etc.).