Updated Beta Available

I wanted to let everyone know a new beta of Office 2007 is now available for download and testing.  (Note – you may see other sites referring to this as “B2TR” or using other similar terms.  For all intents and purposes, you can think of this as the latest public beta of Office 2007, and the last public beta before we ship the product later this year).

Here is a link to the page where you can download the beta. 

And here is a link to everything else available related to this beta (for example, the Save As PDF add-in, or the send-a-smile tool that allows you to provide the product team with feedback).

The beta runs well on Windows Vista RC1, so any of you that are using Vista should have no problems checking out Office 2007 as well.

Overall, you will find Excel more stable than in the previous beta.  Chart performance is significantly improved, most of our calculation engine performance tuning is done, and the contents of galleries and the like are more-or-less final.  Solver and the other add-ins install and work properly, and our work with changes to the C API/XLL interface is complete (I hope to post more about that today or tomorrow), so if you use either of those, please try some things and let us know if you find any compatibility problems.  The UI team has also made further tweaks – you can read about those here.

One more note – this is technically a patch to the previous public beta, so you will need to have that installed before you can install the beta released today.

Tomorrow, I will post the ribbon shots.  In the meantime, enjoy the latest beta.