Deprecated Features For Charting

Today Eric Patterson continues his discussion on Compatibility.

Last week I described the features that we have deprecated for Excel 2007.  Today I want to expand on that list to include the features related to Charting in Office 2007.  There has been a lot of work in Office 2007 to move charting to use a shared Office drawing layer.  David has devoted a number of past blog posts on charting that describe all of this work.

Reasons for change?

As with other features in Excel, we never deprecate Chart features without good reason.  Many of the changes we made were to facilitate the move to the use of the shared Office drawing layer as a platform for many improvements in this release and the future.  Some of the changes were made because of limited use.

Deprecated Features

Resizing Multiple Charts

The ability to change the Chart Type of multiple charts at one time is no longer available.  In previous versions of Excel, with 2 or more charts selected it was possible to use the Chart toolbar to change the Chart Type of the selected charts.  In Excel 2007, they must be changed individually.

Using F11 with a Chart selected

Using F11 while on a populated Chart Sheet no longer creates a Chart Sheet with the same data. In previous versions pressing F11 while in a Chart Sheet would result in the creation of a new Chart Sheet with the same data.  With Excel 2007 pressing F11 while in a Chart Sheet will result in a blank chart sheet.

Copy Picture Size Options

The Size options for ‘As shown on screen’ and ‘As shown when printed’ have been removed from the Copy Picture dialog.  Previous versions provided options for both Size and Appearance.  With the use of the new shared drawing layer, Screen & Print outputs are now the same making this functionality no longer required.

Direct Rotation of 3D Charts

In previous versions of Excel, the mouse could be used to directly manipulate the 3d view of the chart.  In Excel 2007 this must be accomplished using the 3DView dialog.

Pattern Fills

Pattern fills for shape objects has been deprecated in favor of Picture and Texture fills.  Existing files will appear the same when loaded.  The ability to create new shapes with the previous pattern fills has been deprecated as part of the new drawing capabilities.  We are hoping to provide pictures of the patterns that we had previously such that you can get similar results using texture fills.

Size with Window

Previous versions of Excel had a “Size with Window” command that would automatically resize charts located on Chart Sheets when the window size was changed.  This feature has been deprecated.  The Zoom to Selection command can be used to achieve similar results.

Automatic Textbox Creation when Typing

A textbox will no longer be automatically created when typing on a selected chart.  In Excel 2003 and earlier, text is automatically inserted into a selected chart by typing.  Excel 12 will no longer support the automatic text entry into charts.  Textboxes can still be inserted using the insert textbox command.

View Chart Window

The chart window feature will no longer be available in Excel 2007.  In previous versions of Excel, a chart window could be displayed using the “Chart Window” on the View menu.  The Chart Window feature will no longer be available in Excel 12.

Default Paste Behavior in Word and PowerPoint

The default choice for copying and pasting a chart from Excel to either Word or PowerPoint has changed to linked.  In Office 2003, the default choice for pasting an Excel chart into Word was picture.  In PowerPoint, the default choice was to paste the entire Excel Workbook as an OLE object. For Office 2007, the default choice for copying and pasting a chart from Excel to either Word or PowerPoint has changed to linked. This setting can be changed to picture or entire workbook through the Paste Options menu which is displayed immediately after the chart is pasted. 

Word Table as a Data Source

A table in Word 2007 can no longer be directly used as the initial data for a new chart.  A table created in Word 2003 and earlier can be used to create a chart in Word by selecting the table and clicking on Insert -> Picture -> Chart.  In Word 2007, sample data is used instead of the selected table.  To replace the sample data, data from the table can be copied and pasted into the new chart data sheet.

Printed Chart Size

The Printed Chart Size options have been removed from the Chart tab in the Page Setup dialog. In Excel 2007, the behavior matches the “Custom” setting from Excel 2003.

Drag and drop series addition

In Excel 2003 and earlier you could add data to a chart by selecting the data and dragging it onto the chart.  This feature is no longer available in Excel 2007.  Excel 2007 still supports all the other more common methods of adding data to a chart.

Direct Manipulation of Data Points on Charts

In Previous versions of Excel, data points on a chart could be dragged, resulting in their source values being changed on the worksheet.  This seldom used feature has been deprecated for Excel 2007.