Feedback Please – Conditional Formatting For Right-To-Left Sheets

We are interested in getting some user feedback on how conditional formatting (Data Bars specifically – see here for some info on Data Bars) should behave when the sheet direction is set to right-to-left (RTL).  (Background for those not familiar with RTL – when a sheet direction is set to RTL, cell A1 is at the top-right corner as opposed to the top-left corner … see two images below – the one on the left is regular left-to-right sheet orientation, the one on the right is RTL.)  Excel has an RTL option for users of languages that read right to left, such as Hebrew and Arabic.

Numbers in a worksheet are always aligned to the right of the cell regardless of the sheet direction.  When the sheet direction is the regular (left-to-right) orientation, Data Bars start from the left (see the first picture below).  What we would love to hear feedback on is how Data Bars should behave in a sheet that has the RTL option set on … should Data Bars start from the right when the sheet direction is set to RTL (second picture)?  Or should Data Bars always start from the left since it is a conditional formatting option associated with numbers (basically, work the same way regardless of whether RTL is on or off)? 

Here are the two images:

Which orientation for the Data Bars would make the most sense to a RTL user?  We would really like to hear back from some native RTL users, so with your feedback please indicate whether or not you are a native RTL user.  All feedback is greatly appreciated.