Greetings – since I was in absentia for more than a week, comments are shut off for recent posts.  Accordingly, I am going to reply here to the last round of comments here.

For those of you that suggested new topics, I have written them down, and will try and work them in over time.  Thanks for your help.

Sam asked “Any changes in the audinting toolbar in Excel 12?”  Answer – not except better exposure in the Ribbon.

Phillip Lundeen asked “What happens if I use Excel 12 and bring in a 150,000 item query and then give the workbook to some that has Excel XP?  I presume that they will not be able to access it or will end up with corrupted data.”  Answer – we are releasing converters for earlier versions of Office.  If the user opens that file, they will not see any data past 64k rows, correct, since there is no way Excel 2003 can store it.  They will receive a warning that there is data they will not see, though.

Keith Bertelsen asked “I hear Word has a new equation editor thing. Is that ported to Excel, also? I find often that in my spreadsheets for Physics and Chemistry classes that I want to label a column with the mathematical formula that I’m calculating in that column (as I like doing intermediate steps, and not all of them have names), but I’m stuck with putting it in ASCII instead of fanciness. So is the equation editor thing ported, and if not, are there any plans to do so?”  Answer – we really wanted to hook this up in Excel 2007, but did not quite have time.  I would really like to next version.

Andy asked about sites for templates.  Answer – check out this and let me know if that is what you had in mind.

Mark Chapman asked about what bugs have been fixed in Excel 2007.  The answer is too many to list in a blog – if you have specific items, please post a comment.

Jean asked about other new concepts we have studied like creating functions from pre-existing Excel formulas.  At some point in the future, when we are closer to starting to plan for the next version, I hope to figure out a way to get feedback and input on some of these ideas before we start coding, but I haven’t entirely thought that through yet.

And finally, Phillip asked “Also is there some way to easily find a cross-reference from the Excel XP UI to the Excel 2007 UI?” and John answered with the following:  Here is an interactive command reference from 2003 to 2007 for Excel.  I wanted to point folks to it, because it is can be useful.

That’s it for today – next week I will have some guest posts on some programmability questions.