Suggestions Please

Over the next few days, I am on a ridiculously over-scheduled training course, so I will not be producing any new content until sometime mid next week (and probably not answering comments or emails until then too).  In the meantime, I wanted to ask you what you would like to see covered in this blog over the next few months. 

Way back when I started this last September, I wrote “I plan to write this blog from now until around the general availability of Office 12, and I am hoping to talk in some depth about all the different features we have added to Excel 12.  As things unfold, I look forward to reading your comments and hearing suggestions on what would you would like to read about.” 

I am have covered the bulk of Excel 2007’s new feature set, so I thought it would be an appropriate time to step back and see what else you would like to hear about.  What questions would you like answered?  What would you like covered in more detail?

For your reference, below is my rough list of things that I still plan to write about (no promises I will cover things in the order below, though).  Please take a look, and then let me know about anything else you would like to see.  You can either send me an email or post a comment – your choice.  Thanks for the help, and see you next week.

  • A walk-though of the major tabs as they appear in the public beta
  • The Developer tab
  • The Add-Ins tab
  • The deprecated feature list
  • The Trust Centre
  • A new programmable task pane
  • Managed (i.e. .NET) add-ins
  • The PIAs (primary interop assemblies)
  • A bit more on structured references (in places like refedit controls)
  • Templates in the box
  • Templates on Office Online
  • Your favourite feature most people never knew existed (audience participation night)
  • Server parameters – setting them up and using them
  • The Office Web Components
  • A walkthrough of all Excel 2007’s new file formats
  • Excel and grid computing
  • Compatibility Mode
  • Programming for backwards compatibility
  • Cross-application scenarios
  • The UI for the add-ins that ship with Excel
  • How to get dependency chain information from our XML file format
  • More on Quicklaunch
  • Calculation performance testing results
  • More on performance tuning
  • A few more interesting Excel Services developer examples
  • A few whitepapers we are writing