A Small Piece Of Pleasant News For Those Of Us That Write Code In Office, Plus Some More Screenshots …

Any readers that have written VB using the VBA editor in Microsoft Office has probably noticed that historically, their mouse scroll wheel (or equivalent) does not work in the code window.  I just noticed in recent builds of Office 2007 that it does.  I am not sure when, exactly, that was fixed, but I am happy to report that it has been, so there you go.

Additionally, I sort of blew it in the last post when I didn’t include any screenshots of a PivotTable with Page Fields (or “Report Filters” as we are calling them in Excel 2007).  Since they look sharp, I wanted to redress that.  Here are 4 of the PivotTables I showed you last time with Report Filters added.  Note that they have lost that “button” look and are now nicely formatted text.

(Click to enlarge)

While I was at it, I thought I would include a shot of multi-select in PivotTable Report Filters.  In this case, the PivotTable is bound to an OLAP cube, so there is dimensionality to what can be filtered.