How Much Does It Cost, or “Introducing the 2007 Microsoft Office System”

Over the past few months, I have been asked three specific questions repeatedly either via comments ore more often via email. 

One of them, “how do I sign up for the public beta”, was one that I could answer (which is to register here).

Another one, which I couldn’t answer until yesterday, was “how much will it cost?”

What changed yesterday?  Well, yesterday Office 12 became “the 2007 Microsoft Office System”.  Along with the naming announcement, pricing and packaging information has been revealed, and you can find the details on the Office Preview web site.  Excel 12 is now “Microsoft Office Excel 2007”.  (I will probably go with the “Excel 2007” in future posts.)

You can see the different versions of Office here.  You can see the pricing of those versions here.  There is other information on the preivew site too. 

At any rate, I hope that answers some of your questions.  Have a great weekend.